Local and Out-Of-State Speeding Tickets

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Dedicated To Protecting Your Driving Record

Dedicated To Protecting Your Driving Record

Helping Local And Out-Of-State Drivers Challenge Speeding Tickets

It's no secret that Louisiana parishes rely on speeding ticket fines to boost their revenue. They make it relatively easy to pay off a ticket and relatively time-consuming to fight it. When you're already busy with other responsibilities, paying the fine may appear to be the better option.

Before you take this step, consider the potential consequences:

  • When you pay the fine for your speeding ticket, you are admitting that you are guilty of committing the violation.
  • Having this violation on your record adds points to your driver's license. If you accumulate too many points in a certain period of time, your license could be suspended or revoked.
  • Insurance companies dramatically raise car insurance rates for drivers who have been ticketed. It can take years for these rates to fall.

If these reasons don't convince you, talk to an experienced speeding ticket attorney for free. At Traffic Ticket Clinic, we have helped countless Louisiana residents and out-of-state drivers protect their driving privileges by fighting a variety of traffic tickets. We know how the system operates in the New Orleans metro, and we're ready to put our experience to work for you.

How Our Law Firm Can Assist You

We know that your time is valuable. We won't waste it with unnecessary appointments and busywork. When you hire us, our attorney, Stanley Kottemann Jr., will personally review your case and will handle all tasks required to defend against this violation.

With his assistance, you can be sure that:

  • All necessary documents are completed correctly.
  • You are prepared for your hearing.
  • Your side of the story is heard in court.
  • Your interests are defended throughout the case.

Attorney Kottemann knows how to find weaknesses in the prosecutor's case, which may result in getting your ticket dismissed on procedural grounds or reduced to a nonmoving violation. He can also request that your judge limit fines, fees or court costs that accompany the ticket.

As a native New Orleans resident and experienced attorney, Mr. Kottemann has a deep understanding of Louisiana's speeding laws and the traffic court system. He will utilize this insight when he tailors his approach according to your unique situation.

Whether you are an out-of-state driver, a long-time resident or a commercial driver, we are ready to assist you. Contact our Kenner firm to arrange your free consultation with our lawyer. Reach us online or over the phone at 504-908-6080.

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